A reconstruction of performances by French, Italian and Chinese musicians given before the emperors Yongzheng and Qianlong.

Corpus Christi Chapel, Cambridge

7pm, 18 June 2005

Ticket 5 pound.

For ticket reservations, e-mail krbb2@cam.ac.uk.
Shi Kelong, voice, bangu drums
Wang Weiping, voice, pipa
Jean-Christophe Frish, flute, yunluo carillon
Francois Picard, xiao flute, sheng mouth-organ
Stephen Jones, erhu, suona
Joyce Lindorff, harpsichord
David Iriving, violin
Including works by
Jean Joseph Marie Amiot,
Teoderico Pedrini,
Jean-Philippe Rameau and Michel Blavet

Musique des Lumieres
Direction Jean-Christophe Frisch