BBC Radio 4 is going to broadcast a new, 10-part series ‘Chinese in Britain‘, which tells the stories of early Chinese migrants in the UK.

Anne Chen, presenter of Chinese in BritainSeries presenter, Anna Chen, said, “For most people, the history of the Chinese in Britain begins with The Takeaway Generation: the thousands of people who came over from Hong Kong in the 1960s, opened a takeaway on every high street, and made chow mein a national British dish. But my Chinese father arrived as a sailor in the 1920s, worked as a firefighter, an activist in the labour movement, and ended up running a newspaper, so I’ve always been curious about those earlier unseen generations. Who were they? What did they do? And what sort of welcome did they get?”

This series will explore the lives of the Chinese coming to Britain before 1960s. Each part of the series will focus on one aspect of Chinese community, including
early communication, the forming of China Town, Chinese laundires, takeways,
Chinese women, education, discrimination, and images of Chinese on screen and in public.

Chinese in Britain episode 1-10 will be broadcasted at 3:45-4:00pm on BBC Radio4 from Monday 30 April to Friday 4 May.

Chinese in Britain website: