Four teams will run Edinburgh Marathon Relay tomorrow (27 May) for the London based charity Mother’s Bridge of Love (MBL). The relay teams, named as The Golden Team, Red Army, Great Wall, and Flying Panda, are formed by runners from Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and Birmingham, of all nationalities. The four runners of every team will each run about 4.2 to 8.5 miles. The race will start from Prince Street, under the famous Edinburgh Castle, and finish at Musselburgh Racecourse.

Wendy Wu, the executive director of Mother’s Bridge of Love, praises the runners’ and supporters’ involvement is the prove of, “the power in uniting passion, resources and energy to support our Chinese children who have been abandoned, who have suffered from health, who have never had a chance to touch a book.

“I believe strongly ‘Love awakens love’! It is you that your love makes this event happening and make the public aware of our Chinese kids who are in need of help.”

LinkChinese UK, an community of Chinese students, professionals and young generation of migrants, are running a live reporting of the progress of the four teams. Supporters on the ground will use text message to update a live blog of MBL’s Edinburgh Marathon Relay runners.

Each of the four teams has built an online donation page for the charity:

1.Golden Team:

2.RedArmy :

3.Flying Panda


Mother’s Bridge of Love website: