BBC ONE will broadcast a documentary made by Alan Yentob about the making of Monkey: Journey to the West (poster, photos, reviews) tonight (4 July) at 10:40pm. The documentary Damon and Jamie’s Excellent Adventure, as part of Alan Yentob’s Imagine… series, follows the entire process from Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett’s first trip to China, up to the opening night in Manchester. (Monkey: Journey to the West boxoffice link)

From BBC ONE website:

Damon and Jamie’s Excellent Adventure

Alan Yentob presents a documentary about cartoon pop group Gorillaz’s foray into the world of Chinese opera, with Damon Albarn composing his first full length score and Jamie Hewlett designing a myriad of gigantic sets and elaborate costumes. Drawing on the 1970s cult TV series the cast includes the cloud-hopping, mountain-somersaulting Monkey, his mates Pigsy, Sandy and Tripitaka, plus acrobats, martial artists, umbrella-twirling girls, a horse-eating dragon, a skeleton demon and a giant Buddha.