Glamour of Jasmine: Dong Yi in Zheng Recital

Conductor: Hu Bing-xu

Accompaniment: China Philharmonic Orchestra

19:30, 8th Nov 2007

Auditorioum, The Great Hall of the People

Chief Organiser: National Music Committee,

Chinese Musicians’ Association

Associative Organiser:

Dalian Meilin West Coast Culture Media Co., Ltd

Geleshi (Beijing) International Cultural Co., Ltd

Living Record & Broadcast: China Central Television

音乐会曲目 Concert Programme

管弦乐 Symphony Orchestra

1. 春节序曲 李焕之作曲

Chinese New YearOverture Composed by Li Huan-zhi

古筝独奏(弦乐伴奏)Zheng Solo (Accompanied by String Section)

2. 茉莉芬芳 何占豪作曲

Fragrant Jasmine Composed by He Zhanhao

古筝与管弦乐Zheng and Symphony Orchestra

3. 竹楼情 组曲《云山》选曲 何占豪作曲

Bamboo Pavilion Nocturne Composed by He Zhanhao

古筝独奏 Zheng solos

4. 雪山春晓 范上娥、格桑达吉作曲

Spring Dawn on Snowy Mountain Composed by Fan Shang-e & Ge-Sang Da Ji

5. 铁马吟 赵登山作曲

Dancing Bells Composed by Zhao Dengshan

6. 汉江韵 乔金文作曲 任清芝演奏谱

Melody of Han River Composed by Ren Qingzhi Arranged by Zhu Yi

弦乐 String Section

7. 二泉映月 华彦钧作曲 吴祖强改编

Moon’s Reflection on ErQuan Composed by Hua Yanjun Arranged by Wu Zuqiang

古筝独奏(弦乐伴奏) Zheng Solos (Accompanied by String Section)

8. 秦桑曲 周延甲作曲 何占豪编配

Song of Mulberry Composed by Zhou Yanjia Arranged by He Zhanhao

9. 月儿高 浙江传统筝曲 何占豪编曲

Moonrise Traditional Music Arranged by He Zhanhao

古筝与管弦乐 Zheng and Symphony Orchestra

10.乡韵 周煜国作曲 冯季勇移植

Song of My Home Composed by Zhou Yu-guo Arranged by Feng Ji-yong

古筝协奏曲 Zheng Concertos

11.临安遗恨 何占豪作曲

The Eternal Sorrow of Lin’an Composed by He Zhanhao

12.梁山伯与祝英台 何占豪、陈钢作曲 何占豪改编

The Butterfly Lovers

Composed by He Zhanhao & Chen Gang Arranged by He Zhanhao

Glamour of Jasmine