The in-country T1 visa, the first visa type under the new points-based system, will take effect from 29th Feburary. Overseas T1 visa will be rolled out from April, starting from India.

T1 visa will replace the current HSMP (Highly Skilled Migrant Program) which is already point-based. There will be minimum changes in terms of qualification between the current HSMP and T1 visa. T1 visa also includes other categories like Investors, Self Employed Lawyers, Businesspersons, Writers, Composters and Artists, and Innovators.

Another important aspect of T1 visa is that it will include a T1-Post Study Work category, giving overseas students graduated from UK higher education institutions two years time to work in the UK without an employer sponsor. T1-Post Study Work will replace the IGS (International Graduate Scheme) and FT:WISS (Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland Scheme). T1-Post Study Work visa holders are encouraged to switch to other visa categories as soon as possible. The time spent as a T1-Post Study Work visa will not be counted when applying for ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain).

The T1-Post Study Work visa is expected to be rolled out in May.

Download Home Office document: Highly Skilled Migrants under the points based system. Statement of Intent