BBC Radio 5 Live’s Donal MacIntyre programme sent an undercover journalist to meet immigration advisors from two firms who advertised their service on Chinese newspapers. Posted as immigrant whose salary level is not enough for the new point-based system, the undercover journalist were told by both advisors to forge the income.

From BBC:

A legal practice based in London called Keyard Law Associates - who call themselves immigration law specialists - advertised in a Chinese language newspaper offering to “design plans” for immigrants on low incomes to apply for highly-skilled migrant visas.

The Chinese undercover journalist with Radio 5 Live’s Donal MacIntyre programme answered the advert and met Mr Wong, an adviser with the firm, at his office in London’s Chinatown.

She posed as a foreign national who was not earning enough to qualify for a visa to allow her to stay and work.

“The key point for you is finding a company in China which is willing to give you documents to prove your income,” he said.

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