Thousands of pro-China demonstrators and Beijing Olympics supporters are to march in several UK cities this weekend. London, Manchester, and Glasgow will see demonstrators march in the city centre to protest the biased media report of the recent violence in Tibet and during Olympic torch relay. The protesters will also express their support of China and the Beijing Olympics. The organisers and participants are mainly Chinese students in the UK. Many living in other cities are said to travel to the three cities to join the demonstration.

It is believed the demonstration in London will be the largest among the three. Protesters are planning to march to Westminster area and White Hall. In Manchester, the demonstrators will hold a “silent protest” against BBC’s bias and misreporting during Tibet riots and Olympic torch relay. The Glasgow march will pass through the city’s main shopping area and Chinatown. The three demonstrations will be held more or less the same time this Saturday (19 April). The organisers of the three cities told LinkChinese UK News they made the decision of holding the protest independently, after seeing the “distortion of facts, biased journalism and anti-China mentality” of western media when reporting recent riots in Tibet and the disruption of Olympic torch relay.

The organisers and participants are encouraged by last weekend’s Edinburgh demonstration. “There were a huge number of people joining the march in Edinburgh, among them were many students from Glasgow and other nearby cities. I hope those who share our feelings will join us this Saturday just as they supported Edinburgh march.” Wu Yuxiang, one of the organizers of Glasgow march told LinkChinese UK.