On April 6, 2008, the same day as the auspicious snow welcome the Olympic torch relay in London, the Academy of Life Sciences for Chinese in the UK (ALSC-UK) announced its official foundation in the Education Section of the Chinese Embassy based in London. ALSC-UK is the senior members club of the Chinese Life Scientists Society in the UK (CLSS-UK) and is the brainchild of Minister Counsellor Mr Yongda Wang of the Education Section of the Chinese Embassy.

At the inauguration meeting, Professor Mingqing Du from Cambridge University introduced the principles of this new initiative and the meeting agenda. Dr. Wei Wang from De Montfort University described the preparing processes of the meeting and the ALSC-UK. Dr. Henglong Hu from GlaxoSmithKline presided over the discussion on the Chinese and English names of the Academy and the titles of its members in both Chinese and English, as well as the structure and leadership of the Academy. Professor Xin Lu from Oxford University led a warm discussion on the unique opportunities, rights and responsibilities of the members of the ALSC-UK.

Finally, Dr. Qihe Xu, Chairman of CLSS-UK, concluded the meeting by summarising the agreements reached during the meeting and especially emphasised the expected role for ALSC-UK in promoting China-UK scientific and technological collaboration. The meeting confirmed the appointment of Professor Mingqing Du, President of ALSC-UK, with Professor Xin Lu, Professor Qingbo Xu, Professor Zhanfeng Cui, Professor Wen Wang, Dr. Henglong Hu, Dr. Wei Wang, and Dr. Qihe Xu as Vice-Presidents. Dr. Qihe Xu was appointed Chairman of the nomination committee of ALSC-UK, which is in charge of identification and nomination of fellow candidates. Professor Mingqing Du was appointed the Chairman of the Selection and Decision committee of ALSC-UK, which makes final decisions on award of fellowships and other important issues.

Prof Ziheng Yang, FRS from University College London, as well as Minister Counsellors Mr Yongda Wang and Mr Xiaogang Tian of the Education Section of the Chinese Embassy also attended the meeting and delivered warm congratulating speeches.

Honggang Zhou (ALSC-UK) ALSC-UK

From the left in the front row: Professor Xin Lu, Mrs and Mr Minister Counsellor Yongda Wang, Minister Counsellor Xiaogang Tian,Professor Ziheng Yang FRS, Professor Mingqing Du; from the left in the second row: Dr. Honggang Zhou, Dr. Xuebin Dong, Dr. Qihe Xu, Dr. Henglong Hu, Dr. Wei Wang, Dr. Shiyu Yang, Dr. Zhidao Xia and Dr. Xin Fang.