MBL has registered as an affiliated member of the Edinburgh Marathon 2008 which takes place on Sunday 25th May. We need runners to join the MBL team.

This is a great opportunity to raise funds and awareness to support Chinese orphans and disabled children and children in rural areas who do not have access to education. In the past the money raised by our marathon runners has helped us to sponsor a primary school in Qinghai by paying for tuition fees, a rural school library, food and transport for children whose families were unable to do so. We have also provided medical care for disabled children and sponsored life-skills programmes in various orphanages in China. Past funds have also been donated to Tongjiang in the Sichuan province to help families affected by the summer flooding to rebuild their homes and schools. To learn more about our projects please visit our website www.motherbridge.org.

Your participation in the 2008 Edinburgh Marathon can make a big difference to the lives of disadvantaged children in China. If you are interested in joining our team, or may know of someone who would be, please contact us.

If you are not able to run in the marathon but would like to support our work please consider giving financial support at: www.justgiving.com/mbl or to support an existing runner teams: www.justgiving.com/rbsjames or www.justgiving.com/brianskinner1

If you are interested to join our photography team please contact headoffice@motherbridge.org

MBL is a partner of LinkChinese UK