Brian Skinner, managing director of a Glagsow estate agency, is to run Edinburgh Marathon to raise fund for the UK charity Mother Bridge of Love (MBL). MBL is dedicated to primarily developing and supporting various cultural activities for the adopted Chinese children who are living with their British parents in this country. At the same time, MBL takes it up as its mission to help improve the life quality of the disabled Chinese children and the poor children in rural areas.

A relay team, named Kungfu Panda, is also running Edinburgh Marathon as a fundraising event for MBL. MBL decided to use this team’s fundraising page to raise money for the children affected by Sichuan earthquake. Wendy Wu, CEO of MBL, said, “Our focus will be helping children and women to recover from physical (food, water, and medical care immediately) and physiological damage (Counseling in a later stage). “