Jessica Shepherd reports on the Guardian the congregation of students of different nationalists. The reasons could be historic connections, marketing efforts, and cooperation between eductional institutes between countries.

Why, for example, do almost 10% of all Spanish students in the UK go to the North East Wales Institute, which has just 7,300 students? Why are 510 of Robert Gordon University’s 13,000 students from Nigeria? So many that Amina Deji-Loguleko, a Robert Gordon student from Nigeria, says back home Robert Gordon is jokingly referred to as the “other University of Ibadan [Nigeria's oldest university]“.

Why is Nottingham such a hit with students from Hong Kong - 465 of whom are there out of 9,640 in the UK?

And the same could be asked of Oxford University for Canadians, the University of Westminster for Poles, Sheffield Hallam University for Malaysians, and the University of Greenwich for Indians.

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