Sichuan Province Architectural Design Institute and WE Design now launched the second stage of the Sichuan project, inviting you to join Sichuan School International Conceptual Design Competition. In this competition, the project in question is a famous high school in Chengdu. The submission deadline is 08 March 2009.

The objectives of the conceptual competition are as follows: to gather design ideas to support the after earthquake recovery development for a high school in Sichuan; to encourage critical review of historic development and present state of school design; and to provoke discussion of ideas and direction regarding design intervention in contemporary school development.

We ask participants to critically review one (or more) of the questions below and present your views in the submission.

- The balance between local and global
- How to train more creative students in school
- A modern school in the internet age
- Flexible and adaptable space
- Design for human/ student’s needs
- Low-carbon emission design
- Excellence in seismic design

Additional prizes are set up for school furniture design and school uniform fashion design. The international competition is open for designers and students with background of architecture, masterplan, interior, product design, fashion design and artist.

The jury are of internationally experienced experts in design, industry, marketing, and the media. The judging criterion are based on creativity and rational analysis demonstrated in the scheme. The judging process will be done through a open and transparent workshop. All the submitted work will be shown online within 7 days after the deadline. The winning works will be exhibited and published in London and China.


1   First prize                   RMB 30000元 (GBP 3000)
2   Second prizes            RMB 5000元  (GBP 500)

10  Hororable Mentions
School Furniture Design
1   First prize                    RMB 20000元 (GBP 2000)
10  Hororable Mentions

School Fashion Design
1   First prize                    RMB 20000元 (GBP 2000)
10  Hororable Mentions

For more information please visit the competition website.