The postgraduate degree courses are in big demand among EU and international students. The number of applications from interantional students rises again this year, reflecting the reputation of UK higher education institutes. The applicants are also encouraged by the weak pound.

The Guardian’s Anthea Lipsett reports:

At Manchester University, which has seen a dramatic increase in applications from overseas students to do postgraduate courses, Dr Tim Westlake, director of student recruitment, said: “Our applications have risen dramatically on this time last year – up 14% from home and EU students, and 34% from international students.”

Postgraduate taught course applications have soared – with one-year master’s programmes particularly popular - while postgraduate research courses had remained static, he said.

Manchester is one of the largest recruiters of international students, with 9,500 applications for 2009, compared with 7,000 last year. Westlake added: “Demand from home and EU students is still strong and international student applications have risen dramatically.

“This is a year of uncertainty and for international students you have got to add the points-based system for immigration. We’re still not completely clear at the moment as to what’s required and whether there will be higher rejection rates for visas. But from a demand point of view, it looks like students are still thinking about coming here.”

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