Dong Yi Eddi McGuire Edinburgh Concert

International classical Chinese zheng performer DONG Yi and flutist & composer Eddie McGuire, the Chairman of Musicians’ Union (Scottish Region) are giving a joint-recital in the Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh on 7:30pm, Monday, 25th May 2009.

After her historic symphonic recital with HU Bing-xu and China Philharmonic Orchestra in front of over 6,000 people in The Great Hall of the People in 2007, DONG Yi returns to Edinburgh, where she studied for five years, to share the stage with Eddie McGuire, one of the most prominent contemporary Scottish musicians. At the young age of 26, DONG Yi has been considered as one of the most influential performers of Chinese national musical instruments and one of the pioneers of the fusion of Chinese zheng and symphonic music. Eddie McGuire is the recipient of Scottish Arts Council’s 2004 Creative Award and the leader of the first ever Scottish band that visited China. The collaboration between these two musicians that can be traced back to the year of 2004 would be a tribute to any lover of Scottish and Chinese traditional and classical culture and any friend of Sino-Europe cultural communication.

演出曲目 / Programme:

竹笛独奏 / Bamboo Flute Solos

茉莉花 (中国民歌) / Jasmine (Chinese folk song)

黑岛(苏格兰民歌) / The Dark Island (Scottish folk song)

美丽的杜恩河之岸(苏格兰民歌) / The Banks and Braes O’ Bonnie Doon (Scottish folk song)

舞者唐纳德(苏格兰民歌) / Donald the Dancer (Scottish folk song)

康定情歌 (中国民歌) / Improvisation on Kangding Love Song (Chinese folk song)

喜洋洋 (中国民歌) / Song of Happiness (Chinese folk song)

哦,牧羊人,你会回来吗?(英格兰民歌) / O Shepherd, Will you Come Home? (English folk song)

小牧童 (中国民歌) / The Little Shepherd (Chinese folk song)
长笛独奏/ Solos on Classical Flute

牧神笛(德彪西) / Syrinx (Debussy)

芭蕾舞剧《彼得潘》选曲 (爱笛·圭尔) / excerpts from Peter Pan (Eddie McGuire)

第三前奏曲 (爱笛·圭尔) / Prelude 3 (Eddie McGuire)

舞动的记忆(爱笛·圭尔) / Dancing Memories (Eddie McGuire)

苏格兰人 (爱笛·圭尔) / The Albannach (Eddie McGuire)
古筝独奏 / Chinese Zheng Solos

茉莉芬芳(何占豪) / Fragrant Jasmine(HE Zhan-hao)

秦桑曲(何占豪) / Song of Mulberry (ZHOU Yan-jia)

望春风(邓雨贤) / Expecting Spring Wind (DENG Yu-xian)

铁马吟(赵登山) / Dancing Bells (ZHAO Deng-shan)

汉江韵(乔金文演奏谱) / Melody of Han River (arranged by QIAO Jin-wen)

月儿高(古曲) / Moonrise (Ancient music)

雪山春晓 (范上娥、格桑达吉) / Spring Dawn on Snowy Mountain (FAN Shang-e & GE SANG Da-ji)

古筝、竹笛二重奏 / Duet for Zheng & Bamboo Flute

小河淌水 (中国民歌) / Improvisation on River of Love (Chinese folk song)

* 音乐会全长两个半小时,中场休息20分钟。

The whole concert lasts for 2.5 hours with a 20min interval.

Dong Yi Eddie McGuire Edinburgh Concert