2009-05-14 andrew-lim
Andrew Lim - Slip Beneath/Downtrodden, Ladders and Headphones, 2009

Andrew Lim devises and follows rules for the creation of structures that respond to the architecture and history of sites. He uses objects that have a historical connection to the site in which they are situated, such as objects from the building’s former use or discarded elements found within the building. Lim uses mass produced materials to make sculptural installations by devising a set of rules for their construction, and following these rules to their natural conclusion. This is usually when the structural integrity of the form would be compromised and the form would collapse with another iteration of the rule, or when the physical constraints of the site stops the form from being able to grow further. The devising of the rules for growth means that the final form of the structure is determined by itself, giving the work an experimental edge.

For his installation in First Step Andrew selected the materials for the show based upon a dialogue with the Chinese Arts Centre’s project coordinator concerning the process of installation. The technical process of the changover for each exhibition and the storage of equipment within the building inspire the work. Andrew’s work directly references this with the stacking of ladders and the stacking of AV equipment. These pieces of equipment contain the histories of the exhibitions that were used for and so becomes a vessel for the archival of past exhibitions.

Andrew Lim was born in 1979 in London, United Kindgom. He studied Art in London before graduating in Fine Art Sculpture from Manchester where he now based. He is a member of the group collective 100th Monkey.

Andrew Lim’s exhibition will be from 6 May to 9 September 2009.

Chinese Arts Centre, Market Buildings, Thomas Street, Manchester, M4 1EU
0161 832 7271
Mon-Sat 10am – 5pm and Sun 11am-4pm