2009-06-30 Shanghai-Expo

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office revealed on 30 June the updated designs for the British Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010. Developed by one of the UK’s leading talents, Thomas Heatherwick, the UK Pavilion will provide a dramatic demonstration of creativity and innovation in the UK.

The Expo is a key opportunity to enhance UK-China partnership through Arts, Education, Culture, Business, Science and Climate Change.

Chris Bryant, Foreign Office Minister responsible for the UK Shanghai Expo presence, said:

“Thomas Heatherwick’s pavilion structure will showcase 21st century UK as a vibrant and dynamic country full of imagination and panache. I am sure it will inspire the Chinese public to learn more about the UK and its wealth of opportunities across business, education, tourism and beyond.

The Shanghai Expo is a chance to show China that the UK is a world leader in creative design; this pavilion is a big first step to achieving that.”

Around 200 countries and some 50 international organisations will participate in the World Expo in Shanghai, which will run from 1 May – 31 October 2010. An important follow up to the Olympics in Beijing in 2008, it is estimated that over 70 million people will visit the Expo over the 6 months that it is open.

The Expo Park will occupy 5.3 square kilometres of land on the Pu Dong area of the city, on the south side of the Huangpu River and it will be the largest World Expo that has ever been staged.

The theme for the Expo is Better City, Better Life. It will explore the full potential of urban life in the 21st century, a significant period in urban evolution. By 2010, 55% percent of the world’s population is expected to live in cities. The prospect of future urban life concerns all nations, developed or less developed and their people. The Expo will explore eco-friendly and sustainable approaches to human habitat, lifestyle and working conditions in the new century.