2009-07-15 Dong Yi August 2009

International classical zheng performer DONG Yi returns to Edinburgh to bring us to a spiritual journey throughout China.

Zheng (also known as gu-zheng and Chinese zither) is the most popular Chinese national instrument over the world with a history of at least 2,500 years. Classical zheng performer DONG Yi is the last pupil of Prof. CAO Zheng, the “Father of Modern Chinese Zheng” and the most celebrated instrumentalist of Chinese national music of her generation. She became the youngest ever member of Chinese Musicians’ Association, the highest institute of the Chinese musicians, at 21 and is the first ever Chinese national musical instrumentalist who gave public recital in the Great Hall of the People. Since the age of 13, she has been giving almost 20 public recitals and nearly 100 performances in various cultural exchange events between Mainland China and Britain, US, France, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong and so on. Her music has led to many honours and awards, including the title of “Audience’s Favourite Performer” in 2003 International Music Day Scotland as well as the Award for the Best Music Art Film and the only New Generation Award of the Committee in 21st Century Budapest International MTV Art Festival. China Record Corporation has published five of her albums since 1999 including the most recent two that have been recently nominated for 2009 China Golden Record Award (the equivalent to the Grammy Award in Chinese-speaking world). She is going to play works of five different schools of traditional Chinese zheng and a few renowned modern pieces to bring us to a spiritual journey throughout China.

7:30pm~8:30pm , Friday, 14th Aug 09
2:30pm~3:30pm , Saturday, 15th Aug 09

St Andrew’s & St George’s Church, George Street,
Edinburgh, EH2 2PA, Scotland

Tickets:  £10 (£7 concession)

Box Office:  0131 225 3847

Online Booking: www.edfringe.com

曲目/ Programme:

Friday, 15th Aug*:

1. 茉莉芬芳

Fragrant Jasmine

2. 秦桑曲

Song of Mulberry

3. 竹楼情

Bamboo Pavilion Nocturne

4. 铁马吟

Dancing Bells

5. 汉江韵

Melody of Han River

6. 月儿高


7. 乡韵

Song of My Home

Saturday, 16th Aug*:

1.   茉莉芬芳

Fragrant Jasmine

2.   秦桑曲

Song of Mulberry

3.   寒鸦戏水

Paddling Osprey

4.   汉江韵

Melody of Han River

5.   月儿高


6.   雪山春晓

Spring Dawn on Snowy Mountain

7.   望春风

Expecting Spring Wind

8. 乡韵

Song of My Home

* 音乐会全长一小时,不设中场休息。

The whole concert lasts for one hour without the interval.