Breathe Artist Residency: Jessica Tsang
21 May — 21 August 2009
Open Studio 15 — 20 August 2009
Reception: - Saturday 15 August 1- 4pm

Moving between materials Jessica Tsang makes works that combine sculptural forms and the painted surface. The content of Jessica’s work focuses on the dynamic between the painted image, and the qualities of the physical structure this representational surface occupies. A diverse material exploration manifests itself as works that appear sculptural
but evolve from a discussion around image making. In addition, methodologies inherent in Jessica Tsang’s practice also instruct the final outcome of works, particularly an interest in illustrating process.

The open studio marks the end of a 6-month artist-in-residence period where Jessica worked with a small body of references towards new works. The first three months were at the European Centre for Ceramics where Jessica engaged in material exploration. Following this the Breathe Residency provided an essential opportunity to balance materiality with conceptual concerns. This has resulted in the same references being explored on a number of different conceptual levels, re-presented each time, creating an environment of objects to be read by the viewer. This new work embraces the conventional in order to
explore through the mediation of common knowledge, works that play with the immediacy of information.

Previously she has exhibited in Chinese Arts Centre’s ‘First Step’ space in 2007. She was short listed for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries in 2006 and was selected that year for the Celeste Art Prize. She was Florence Trust Artist in Residence from 2006 — 2007.