UK Border Agency has published the changes to Tier 4 student visa application, which were announced by Home Secretary Alan Johnson last month.

Changes to Tier 4 student visa applications from today 3 March 2010 (03/03/2010)

Following the earlier announcement of a new set of measures to tighten the criteria on student Tier 4 visa applications, the following changes come into effect from today 3 March 2010:

* The minimum level of English language course has been raised to level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Students will therefore need a higher level of English at a minimum level of B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages to come and study an English language course in the UK.  Exceptions apply to Government sponsored students and specific pre-sessional English courses.
* If you are coming to study below degree level (excluding foundation degree students) you will only be able to work 10 hours a week (this has been reduced from 20 hours).
* If you are studying for a course under Tier 4 for less than 6 months, you will no longer be able to bring your dependants.
* Dependants of anyone studying a course lower than degree level (excluding those on foundation degree courses) will no longer be able to work (unless they qualify in their own right under Tier 1 (General) as a highly skilled migrant or as a skilled worker under Tier 2 General, sportsperson or minister of religion).

If you have submitted and paid for your application before 3 March 2010, you will be considered against the rules in force at the time.

Please check the Tier 4 General and Child Student guidance on this website for full details of the changes.

Further changes will be introduced from April 2010.