Global Links Initiative has published a new book about social entrepreneurship in China.

“Do social entrepreneurs exist in China? If so, who are they?” The answer to the first question is a resounding YES, and these questions led to the idea to put together this book, the first of its kind to introduce the exciting development of social entrepreneurship in China.

The book features ten stories that cover 13 social entrepreneurs. They came from very different backgrounds: ‘China Rabbit King’, REN Xuping, left school when he was just 14 years old because of poverty; the two young founders of Venture in Development, Marie and Carol, first got to know ‘social entrepreneurism’ at the Kennedy School in Harvard; the founders of Wu Qi Training School, 1kg More and Love Farms were once urban white-collar workers; LV Zhao (founder of NPI) and SHEN Dongshu (CEO of Fu Ping) were very successful businessmen before they decided to devote themselves to the nonprofit world.

For more about the book, table of contents, and how to purchase the book, please visit Global Links Initiative.