2010-03-12 Anna May Wong - Frosted Yellow Willows

Anna May Wong - Frosted Yellow Willows, a documentary about the life of this first Chinese American Hollywood star, will be shown at the coming Bradford International Film Festival.

This film is screening as a double bill with Piccadilly starring Anna May Wong.

The writer and director of this documentary, Elaine Mae Woo will join the audiences.

From Bradford International Film Festival:

They called her “The Yellow Wonder”. The daughter of a Chinese laundryman Anna May Wong (1905-61) was a pioneering actress during the embryonic (and deeply racist) years of Hollywood, Despite early success in 1921’s The Toll of the Sea, Wong ricocheted around Hollywood seeking to make a break into movies. Her exotic looks ensured she was never short of work but all too often Wong was relegated to playing servant girls or sundry ethnic support – Indians, Eskimos, Polynesians – whilst white actresses were employed by the studios in key oriental roles. Leading roles were denied her until 1928 when, aged 23, she broke through as Song in the German film of the same name. Over a career spanning 40 years Wong (real name Wong Liu Tsong, or Frosted Yellow Willows) broke down barriers, becoming the first global Chinese/American star. From silents through talkies to TV and beyond, she struggled to be more than just the stereotypical dragon lady of screen villainy.

Print source: Woo Neiman Productions