2011-01-13 Rhinoceros in Love poster, by Warwick Chinese Drama

How far would you go for love? Is there a limit, a constrain or is the boundary the infinity…

This contemporary, energetic and iconic production dusted with dark romance would unveil the extent to which we would call an extreme.

The play Rhinoceros in Love has flourished for the last eleven years since its debut at a Beijing theatre in 1999. Since then this classic drama has been staged for more than 260 times nationwide and over 200 universities have produced their own versions of Rhinoceros in Love. The story has been regarded as the ‘Love Bible’ by this generation.

This year, Warwick Chinese Drama is more than proud to stage this legendary production in the Butterworth Hall, Warwick Arts Centre, on January 25th, 2011. WCD production has been considered as the ‘most-expected’ event of the year among Chinese-speaking communities for the past two years; however we are resolved to provide the highest quality drama production for every audience by devoting in translating the script sentence by sentence to the best possible result.

Tickets: 07786 071025 or 07586 731613