China On Film
With Philippa Lovatt
Starting 27 Apr
Enjoy contemporary films from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and discuss their artistic merits with Philippa Lovatt from Glasgow University. The 5-week course will cover a wide range of material from Chinese ‘art house’ cinema to censorship and the growth of digital and documentary filmmaking in today’s PRC.
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Writing Smoke-Long Fiction
With Laura Tansley
Starting 19 Mar
A writing style that promises to let the reader relish the sights and sounds of an entire make-believe world before he or she has time to finish one delicious cigarette. The classes will provide an introduction to Smoke-Long fiction and help you produce a portfolio of your own Smoke-Long writing. Read More

Chinese Seal Carving
With Chi Zhang
09&10 Apr
Discover the ancient practice of seal carving and make your unique seal stamps! During this course participants will learn how to write Chinese characters in seal script and practice Chinese calligraphy; be introduced to the basic knife technique and make their own carving. Read More

Chinese Book Arts
With Alison Newman and Chi Zhang
16&17 Apr
Follow a chronological journey through a variety of book forms and learn a range of traditional Chinese bookbinding techniques. During the final afternoon of this course, calligrapher Chi Zhang will introduce participants to the traditional Chinese calligraphy and brush painting.

For more information visit Ricefield Arts & Culural Centre website.