A new magazine and website for international students in the UK was launched today.  The website is a one-stop lifestyle guide offering students news, features and practical information on living and studying in the UK.

The team at GB Mag, which is made up of ex-international students, have been busy creating the new website that includes fun sections, including:

Cosmopolitans – a weekly updated photo gallery where we capture the street style of well-dressed international students. This is a fun section where students can go to see how students in Britain dress.

Taste My Life - a monthly video series that shows international students cooking their favourite dish from back home and sharing their experience of being a student in the UK.

Ask a Brit - a quirky forum where international students can ask all those questions they haven’t dared ask about all things British, such as why are Brits so obsessed with tea? And why does British popular culture poke fun at ginger people?

Get Started – A section that gives students the vital information about living and studying in the UK, and includes sections on how to apply for a student visa, how to find suitable accommodation and study tips to help students settle in quicker at their chosen university.

www.greatbritishmag.co.uk is supported by two magazines a year. The first is distributed in China to students that have secured a place at a UK university. The second is given to international students when they arrive through our university partners.